ApplePickers Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the ApplePickers web site. Because your privacy is important to us, we want you to understand our privacy policy and practices. This privacy policy applies to all activities of ApplePickers. We know you are concerned about the use of your personal information (PI). ApplePickers will take reasonable steps to protect your PI from disclosure in violation of this policy.

Information Gathering and Use

ApplePickers collects information from people in several ways. We collect the names, e-mail addresses, city, zip code and phone numbers of members and business associates. This information is used only for routine business with the named parties. ApplePickers collects news items and reviews for the newsletter and for promotion of activities on the web site.

ApplePickers does not share information with other organizations for commercial purposes. We do not have special relationships with any ad server companies, nor does ApplePickers permit downloadable data collection software (spyware) to be hosted on the ApplePickers site. ApplePickers will not rent, lease, sell or otherwise share any PI that it gathers on its membership, registrants, or visitors.


ApplePickers will run surveys to gather information from the membership. The surveys are created with SurveyMonkey and will only be used to gather reponses to survey questions.

At no time will SurveyMonkey request PI from ApplePickers or its members. ApplePickers will never share your PI with SurveyMonkey.

You will not be required to participate in the surveys, but in doing so you will help ApplePickers grow as an organization.

Financial Transactions

ApplePickers partners with PayPal to perform on-line financial transactions (e.g., membership renewal). ApplePickers does not collect any information related to the details of the transaction (e.g., credit card or bank account numbers are not collected by ApplePickers). PayPal reports only the success or failure of each transaction, the name of the payee, and the amount to ApplePickers.

Policy Changes

ApplePickers reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. The current version will always be on the ApplePickers website.

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