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 Post subject: iTunes? Nein!
PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:10 PM 
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iTunes? Nein!

I hate the Apple bloatware of late. Safari still is unstable after an indeterminate amount of time in use with any number of windows/tabs open, it will sometimes crash, but usually just hang (Spinning Beachball Of Death), forcing a relaunch and practical loss of any active sites. Have you ever TRIED gleaning any of your sites from the scads of other URLs (both visited and not, such as ad pop-ups which still make it thru Safari's block somehow.) that litter history? It is next to impossible. I've had Safari instability for several versions now, dating back years and 3 Macs over several big kitty cats (LOL).

Add to that stable the new iTunes 9, which is NOT an optional upgrade for a lot of video-based content, as Apple makes it impossible to download some content without the newer version. content that was previously accessible thru 8.2. If you want to find/view Movie Trailers, you can't on 8.2, that feature has simply been removed from the Movies section. It is back in 9.0 though. What they've managed to do (the web is littered with a variety of complaints, like the loss of the shopping cart and such, , which I have not experienced....yet!) is make the store more glitzy and in so doing, less user-friendly. Before, you could add columns of your own choosing to the music listing (such as Composer, Rating, Release Date, Size or Category -- which are very useful when sorting thru a bunch of entries). Before, you could select an entry (or a range of entries) and copy it (them) then paste into an app of your own choosing (I liked to use iTunes in tandem with Excel for doing this). Before, you could merely drag & drop any tune into a playlist of your own choosing. Supposedly this is how Wish Lists work, But you can't drag shinola from the listings anymore. The Wish Lists feature is elusive to this reviewer. The columns, as per the Mac standard were sizable (the better to see full names easily with) longer. Natch. Gone also are the similar artists links. Dumb. I don't care for Genius and prefer browsing for new stuff on my own terms.

But the BIG issue with iT9 is that it bleeping crashes! All the time! Without warning! Several times a day, in fact. There is no rhyme or reason to what cause the crashes, I'll just toggle back to iTun...and wha? it's no longer open. I pray they've resolved the problem of crashes that corrupt libraries, I'd die if I lost my meticulously edited & ordered library.

To that end -- and THIS is a real big pain in the arse -- I am backing up all iTunes files with the word "library" in it (which, for now is either 3 or 4, depending). I'll give the back-up copies distinctive names, such as "iTunes Music Library 10/4/09.xml" or "iTunes Library (8.2)". I then move the copies into a separate folder called "iTunes library B/U files" or some such. This only worked because I had the foresight, God only knows why, to back up all my library files BEFORE I upgraded to iT9. That way, I had usable 8.2-compatible libs still available. I thus, juggle whichever library I want into the active iTunes folder, by making a copy, renaming the copy BACK to the original name and booting up the desired iTunes. This takes time and concentration, so that you don't, um, "9-ize" any remaining 8.X-worthy libs. But, just know, that iT8.2 or earlier will not open up a library that has been opened by iT9. Now, I can have both iTunes in, albeit not-so-convenient, reach.

As I use it more, I'm positive I'll unearth even more decommissioned, reconfigured and overwrought (read that bloated) features/functionality. Apple is turning into one of THE worst software developers ever.


Rex Stocklin
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oh, and Fishers

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