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PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2004 1:18 AM 
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I'm a simple guy, so living in an OSX world is driving me bat-turds. I am your typical non-geek Mac dumbbutt, who likes acquiring tons and tons of fonts for no apparent reason. Just to have them. Well I AM a graphic designer, so one day, I WILL make use of Zapf Hermione Gingold or Peaches en VapoRub Sans, I'm SURE of it. ;-)

But, you see, I am so perplexed and frustrated by all the places OSX has to put my fonts. They are dadgummed everywhere! in my home library folder, other library folders. Of course, then there are the ones still in my OS9 boot volume. Who knows where else they reside, I've yet had the patience or room on my calender to plumb the depths of Font Book and SEE where they all are.

I want some simple thing: a one-stop repository for ALL my fonts, like the good-ole days. Why would Unix hiccough at THAT?! So, I implore on those wiser & more experienced than I, where would be the best place to put them? My home's library folder?

And....rather than hunting them all down and hand carting them all there, is there a simple tool that would do the chore of tidying up all this guano for me? Now, I DON'T wanna be confused by creating sets and all that meticulous activation sort of gobbledygeek (first public usage of my new coinage). While I LOVE organization, I find suitcase, Font Reserve & Font Juggler have WAY more horsepower than I am seeking. I wanna maid, not a concierge.

Can y'all help?

Merry December,

Rex Stocklin
currently only residing at
oh, and Fishers

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2004 6:56 PM 
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I will leave your request for a font organization utility that does what you want to someone who deals with fonts on a daily basis. Since I don't have many fonts besides what Apple loads with OS X, font organization isn't at the top of my priority list.

Anyway, you can blame Apple for the font mess. This has nothing to do with Unix at all (unlike accounts, permissions, etc.). Apple wanted to take advantage of the multi-user capabilities of OS X while still supporting OS 9 apps. Therefore, the mess of font directories.

Do you need these fonts accessed by any OS 9 applications or are all of your applications OS X-native? I ask this because if you need your fonts to be used by a Classic application, then you'll need to put your fonts in your OS 9/System Folder/Fonts directory.

If you are only running OS X applications and you're the only account on the Mac, you can use your home directory's font folder. If other people (your wife, for instance) have accounts on your Mac and you want her to be able to access all of your fonts, then copy your fonts to the /Library/Fonts folder. Unlike with OS 9, do not use the /System/Library/Fonts folder. By default, you can't write to that folder and Apple reserves the right to blow away anything in that directory so don't use it.

Simple answer: use either /Library/Fonts or your home directory Fonts folder. Ignore the other ones unless you need to have these fonts accessed by OS 9 applications. If these fonts will be needed by an OS 9 application, then just copy the fonts to the directory that you're familiar with. When I say that, I'm assuming that your Classic system folder is the same as the system folder that would boot directly into OS 9. If your Mac is too new to be able to boot into OS 9, ignore what I just said since you'll only have a Classic system folder.

Since I don't use any OS 9 applications, I'm planning to leave Classic off my system when I buy a new Mac. That way, I don't run into weird font conflicts in Font Book between a font in the Classic font folder and one found in an OS X font folder. It hasn't bit me yet, but it's confusing.

Bob C

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